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DevOps Consulting Services & DevOps as a Service

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    VA Technolabs renders end-to-end DevOps consulting services backed by highly advanced and modern methodologies that are designed to deliver software solutions at a great speed. Our DevOps solutions are designed with greater emphasis on communication, collaboration, integration, and automation. We remove bottlenecks in software development and provide agile services delivered with software-driven innovation. Our team is proficient in applying technologies, ensuring continuous integration and delivery across the software lifecycle. 

    We thereby facilitate in improving the culture and processes that foster innovation and enable a responsive feedback mechanism. Our DevOps solutions plug the gaps existing between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations which further enables you to quickly produce software products and services.

    Our expertise in DevOps strategies has led to DevOps innovation in Fortune 500 companies. We have helped countless others through advisory and implementations of successful DevOps. Overall, VA Technolabs works with a result-oriented approach that brings quality, agility, security, speed and enriching customer experience that includes comprehensive delivery across digital and enterprise applications with our DevOps Consulting Services.

    VA Technolabs’s Agile and Robust DevOps Consulting Services

    At VA Technolabs, we offer flexible DevOps Consulting Services that increase the application lifecycle. Our services can be utilized for multiple applications from digital consumer-driven systems to large-scale enterprise products.

    DevOps Consulting & Assessment
    Our DevOps consulting and assessment services entail a thorough audit of your current infrastructure and development process. This enables us to devise a comprehensive DevOps adoption roadmap that encompasses the appropriate set of tools, processes, and metrics to meet your specific requirements.
    DevOps Implementation
    We provide DevOps implementation services to facilitate the initiation of your DevOps adoption process. This involves the automation of your development workflow and software delivery pipeline, enabling you to increase efficiency and reduce manual errors. Our DevOps implementation approach involves the utilization of robust tools and techniques to minimize the risk of deployment and enhance overall security.
    DevOps as a Service
    Our expertise lies in facilitating the migration of your DevOps practice to the cloud, which includes the migration of tools, processes, and code utilized in your project. As we have extensive experience working with leading cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, we are well-equipped to assist you in achieving improved scalability and availability of your DevOps infrastructure on the cloud.
    DevSecOps Engineering
    Our DevSecOps services focus on the integration of security measures into your DevOps infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline. This enables the minimization of vulnerabilities and risks in your software development process, thereby enhancing compliance practices. Our team of experts is equipped to embed advanced security features into your DevOps practices to ensure optimal security of your software products.
    DevOps Testing
    Our team of skilled DevOps engineers excels in conducting comprehensive end-to-end testing and verification of your existing DevOps workflow and ecosystem. By doing so, we aim to enhance the efficiency of your DevOps lifecycle while minimizing defects in your delivery pipeline. With our thorough testing methodologies and techniques, we can help ensure the seamless functioning of your DevOps process.
    DevOps Management
    Our company provides comprehensive DevOps management services, which encompass the entire DevOps ecosystem. This includes management of the DevOps workflow, release cycles, server and infrastructure, deployment architecture, and optimization of the overall performance of your DevOps initiative. With our expert guidance and support, we can help ensure the smooth functioning of your DevOps process, enabling you to achieve your business objectives.

    Why Choose VA Technolabs for DevOps Consulting Services?

    Clients prefer to work with us because we provide innovative solutions that enhance business agility and ensure cost-reduction. We stand apart from our competitors with our:

    Intricate Delivery Experience
    Our several years of experience have developed futuristic architectures empowered with automated delivery systems ranging from digital to enterprise applications.
    Cohesive Approach
    We collaborate and synergize software strategies, in-depth industry know-how, change management, and extensive application delivery.
    VA Technolabs DevOps Platform
    Our uninterrupted delivery with pre-arrangements, toolchain assures and allows projects to kickstart rapidly with DevOps practices right from the origin.
    VA Technolabs Cloud Platform
    VA Technolabs enables DevOps by its cloud platform and performs efficient management of production or workload testing with simplicity, security, and desirable speed.

    FAQs on DevOps Consulting Services

    What tools and platforms do VA Technolabs Uses?
    VA Technolabs uses multiple tools and platforms to ensure successful DevOps implementation. We use Jenkins, TeamCity, and Travis for Automation; Puppet Labs, Chef, and Ansible for Configuration Management; Openstack, VMWare, and Docker for Compute Virtualization; and Delphix, Flocker, and OpenZFS for Data Virtualization.
    What is VA Technolabs DevOps process methodology?
    VA Technolabs has a pre-defined and consistent DevOps implementation process that encompasses the Agile principles of strong unity and collaboration between customers, product management, developers, and quality assurance for quick product delivery. Planning & Assessment, Pilot Framework Creation, and Implementation are the major aspects of VA Technolabs DevOps Consulting Service offerings.
    How long does DevOps consulting take?
    The duration of DevOps consulting varies based on the complexity of the project and the scope of work. Typically, a DevOps consulting engagement can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.
    What kind of DevOps services is offered by VA Technolabs?
    VA TechnolabsDevOps services comprise Assessment and Planning, Pilot Framework Creation, Process Implementation, CI/CD Pipelines, Process Automation and Security Integration. Besides, VA Technolabs also provides DevOps managed services that include Operational management, Effective supply-chain, Release Management, Security Management, and much more.
    In which industries can you find DevOps organizations?
    DevOps is inevitably used by industries dependent on software delivery and for other application delivery endpoints comprising diverse devices, web and mobile services.
    Why is there a need for DevOps services?
    Developers perform software development and the operations team ensures smooth running code systems. Although the core work methodologies differ for the developer community and operations team, DevOps unites both the teams when they need to work for the same system under their working patterns. DevOps enables both teams to work with common methodologies and processes and ensure cooperation.

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