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Finance App Development

Finance App Development

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    Build Finance App Development to Create Future

    Every other industry is seeing its future in technology by building a mobile application that keeps your customers close and makes them loyal to you. Building finance applications will help your user track their daily expenses, store future financial transactions, maintain daily records, manage bills, notification of paying bills, keep limits on their expenses, and many more.

    As an increasing number of individuals turn to their mobile devices for financial planning, the market for financial apps has gained significant momentum.

    With 10+ years of design and development of mobile applications with 7+ years in the finance industry, we have a team that develops and delivers within the time frame with huge experience. A sound understanding of our clients and their user needs make them a hot favorite among their customers and rivals.

    Our Suite of Finance App Development Services

    To solve such dynamic problems, we have an experienced business analyst team that gives the solution capable of defining the business objectives of finance, banking, and Insurance Companies. Our certified quality analysts, designers, and developers develop finance apps that are robust and scalable for all Smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

    Insurance Apps
    We build smart insurance apps that help companies and customers report motor, property, and liability claims in minutes, capturing photographs, GPS, voice-to-text, and more.
    Investment Apps
    We develop investment apps that help to update your customer with new investment plans, help them manage their spending and portfolio values, and invest in mutual funds at their fingertips.
    Forex Apps
    Our Forex mobile apps help Forex traders determine foreign exchange rates for every currency, including all aspects of buying, selling, and exchanging currencies at the latest prices.
    Cryptocurrency Apps
    We develop cryptocurrency apps and wallets with rich features and on-demand adding features, if needed, that will help you buy, sell, and transfer multiple currencies from your mobile phones.
    POS Solutions
    We facilitate both the retail stores and customers by developing POS solutions that ease the work of accepting mobile payments, whether it's fintech android apps or iOS apps.
    Digital Wallet
    We build a digital wallet that works through smartphones where you can pay using debit or credit cards, QR codes, and mobile numbers and pay instantly by tapping your phone.

    Key Features of Fintech App Development

    Payment Gateway Integration
    We offer options like credit card payment, cash on delivery, split payment, in-app purchase, scheduled payment, and recurring payments for app and website integration services.
    Custom Reporting
    With custom reporting, we help businesses to manage their financial data in real-time based on any combination of criteria with many formation options to keep productive.
    Data Analytics
    We give data analytics services with proven successful results that follow inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data support in taking a critical business decision.
    Compliance and Regulation
    We ensure quality meets government laws, policies, and regulations. Our experienced team uses exceptional successive plans to ease the process of app compliance.
    Multi-Language Support
    We use XML localization (translation) and multilingual apps that determine all user interface text to facilitate users. Through culture-sensitive and in whichever language they want to conduct financial transactions, multilingual apps will help.
    Cost-Effective Solutions
    We don’t compromise on quality and give the required project to our client as promised within the time frame at an affordable rate.
    Customer Data Management
    We help financial organizations boost their sales through better knowledge of customer needs and eliminate duplicate and junk data to develop efficient strategies for analyzing, managing, and storing large amounts of customer data that can be used for business intelligence.
    Robust, Secure, and Scalable
    We have a habit of customizing robust, secure, and scalable applications that only help financial organizations improve efficiency, increase revenue, and focus on customer-centric processes.

    Benefits of Financial Apps

    Enhanced Customer Experience
    Create a clear customer experience vision, capture customer feedback in real time, and measure the ROI from delivering a great customer experience.
    Constant Accessibility
    With the help of technology, constant accessibility has made a user a five-finger job that makes things a lot easier for users and providers.
    Data Intelligence
    Data intelligence feature that assists the finance industry in analyzing various forms of data that supports expanding and improving their services.
    Risk Management
    Identifying, evaluating, and monitoring such added advanced features ensure that the user data, and financial transactions, are never at risk.
    Collaboration with almost every service provider, like railway, airways, sea, etc., helps you succeed in your industry.
    Research-based marketing and promotion
    We build and integrate analytics to ease error-free marketing campaigns that a travel app covers for future marketing and promotion strategy.

    Why Develop a Finance App With VA Technolabs?

    We have partnered in mobile app development with 150+ insurance and finance organizations in improving their efficiency, revenue, and customer-centric process. We have experience creating robust fintech app solutions on the web and mobile and have served the global top 200+ companies. We have expertise in the most advanced mobile app development technologies.

    Experience working with clients across diverse industry verticals
    Extensive knowledge of the banking and finance domain
    Client-centric solutions that perfectly match the client's requirements
    Successful track record of having created numerous finance apps
    Competitive pricing, along with a focus on delivering the highest quality
    Round-the-clock communication and reliable reporting structure
    Flexible hiring models to hire on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis

    FAQs on Financial App Development

    Why should you build a finance app?
    In today's fast-paced and increasingly digital world, building a finance app can bring numerous benefits to businesses. By creating a finance app, you can offer your users a convenient and efficient way to manage their finances. With features like account management, bill payments, and transaction tracking, your app can make it easier for your customers to stay on top of their financial activities. Moreover, a finance app can provide a personalized experience to users, allowing them to set goals and receive customized financial advice based on their individual needs. In addition, a finance app can also provide valuable data and insights to your business, enabling you to better understand your customers' financial behaviors and needs. Overall, building a finance app can be a powerful tool for enhancing customer engagement, increasing brand loyalty, and improving your business's financial operations.
    How much does it cost to build a FinTech App?
    We build a finance app on various modules and models. The cost of finance is decided based on the module you select, that is, hours needed to complete design, completion of development, testing of the app, advantages, key features, and many more. The cost of building a normal finance application will be between $15,000 to $35,000. Choosing a dynamic and advanced featured finance application with cross-platform app development could be beyond $50,000+.
    Do you sign an NDA?
    The idea and coding are both an asset, we strongly believe in NDA terms, and yes, we sign NDA to keep your business idea safe, ensuring the protection of both parties assets.
    I have the concept to build a financial app; can you help me?
    Yes, we can. We have developed financial apps for several clients who came to us with their new concepts. Working with someone with a vision will greatly help us put life into the project. Your concept will help us to fill the empty pieces, and our expertise with your idea will help us develop a leading finance application.
    I am not technical, but I want to build a financial app. How can you help me?
    Yes, we definitely can. We understand that not every client is technically sound; you would not have come to us if you were an expert technician. We are here to serve you with our excellence in coding finance apps and deliver you the fully featured app you dream of. Our sound technical team will schedule a meeting with non-technical dialogues so you can easily understand and participate equally in your project conversation.
    Do you provide consultation after and before the development phase?
    We provide pre and post-consultation to every client of ours. We understand you are not paying only for coding and developing an application. Along with you will get knowledge and guidance at every other step of the project. Don’t worry; every new thing happens for the first time if you are a startup.
    Which platform is the best for you, iOS, Android, or cross-platform?
    You should be very clear before getting confused on the best platform question, though we have a solution for all three platforms iOS, Android, and cross-platform. It all depends on your targeted audience.
    How can you hire a financial app developer from VA Technolabs?
    At VA Technolabs, we work with all three hiring modules; it’s all your choice, as we believe the hiring selection process should be in our client’s hands. You can hire on a fixed price, hourly or weekly basis.

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