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Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality App Development

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    Travel App Solutions For Travel Lovers

    We have supported some of the big travel and hospitality brands, offering travelers and guests a premium destination for customer care, sales and retention support. Helped in creating insanely great experiences – from booking rental cars, flights, and hotels – receiving valuable support and assistance anytime they need to both – leisure and business travelers. With proficient leaders at VA Technolabs, who have worked on complex systems to provide an unmatched domestic, nearshore and offshore solutions. We offer 24/7 mobile support for the on the go travelers.

    Mobile applications are now a hot favorite of the travel industry that helps travelers and tourists to complete their arrangements in minutes. The mobile app offers end-to-end solutions for travel and tourism that ease the planning burden of travelers and leisure, help find guides, book tickets, hotel reservations, route mapping, travel updates, security information, overseas banking, and many more.

    Our vertical stretches across 5 different industries-

    • Travel
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Hospitality
    • Maritime
    • Rail

    Simplify And Improve Your Business With Our Travel, Transportation and Hospitality App Development Services

    Transform your travel business with scalable, dependable networks to help enhance operations and support innovative and exciting experiences

    Web & Mobile Booking Systems
    Make an online booking system mobile-friendly for seamless integration to help manage tours and activities.
    Inventory & Procurement Management
    Bring the entire process in the supply chain full circle with inventory management & procurement team taking control over work.
    Payment Systems Integration
    Automate your manual accounting process with integrated payments to work payment & accounting work in harmony.
    Travel Process Re-engineering
    Start re-engineering your agency’s travel process with us to help your client attain operational efficiency.
    Navigation Systems
    Locate your destination, optimize your route, travel safely, avoid traffic and integrate into one navigation system.
    Transaction Processing Systems
    Use a centralized database that offers performance, reliability & consistency in handling routines to manage the database.
    Customer Relationship Management
    Attract, retain, and delight more customers with our CRM software following best practices & strategies.
    Pre & Post-trip Management Applications
    Diagnose fleet maintenance issues that need immediate attention also ensure safe drivers on the road.

    Essential Features of Travel Mobile Apps

    Fueling the Soul of the traveler by building a mobile travel app there requires a combination of helpful features, innovative technology, and immaculate. Let’s see what functionality your travel platform should include. 

    In-app payments
    Users can purchase using the app with special features such as power-ups, restricted levels, virtual money, special characters, boosts, etc.
    Push notifications
    Notify your audience with a small message anywhere and anytime.
    In-app concierge
    This feature assists users in performing various tasks such as making restaurants, booking hotels, arranging spa services, recommending nightlife hot spots, booking transportation, procuring tickets, and many more.
    Location awareness
    Enhances user experience that helps to notify as per the region, customer relationship management, local business communication viability, and many more.
    Search engine with powerful filters
    A feature that eases user problems in search results of particular category listings by size, color, price, hotel, and brand, adding more. It also allows the end user to retrieve the most relevant search results based on their selected criteria.
    Interactive scheduling
    The process automatically or manually allows users to review and change the schedule interactively within the app.
    Personal user accounts
    Determine whether the real account owner acts to prevent any fraud that logging in verifies with the server before working in the app.
    Reviews and recommendations
    Reviews of the services and service provider is the experience shared by the user that helps your new user decide what’s best for them.

    Benefits of Travel App Development

    At VA Technolabs, we keep ourselves updated with the current and future upcoming needs of the travel and tourism industry domain, where 70% of tourists use mobile apps for traveling and bookings. We customize travel app development services with the following advantages: 

    Booking under one roof
    Tourists can hook into the app and arrange all their plans at a single place, which includes a selection of destinations, booking tickets for reaching the spot, hotel reservations for accommodation at pocket-friendly fare, booking cab, exploring the well-known local places, and many more.
    Simplifies documentation and tourism transactions
    This feature has reduced the formalities related to travel booking, with no need to carry cash. Online payment is a gift to the travel and tourism industry. Your user can save multiple soft copies of hotel reservations, airline or train tickets, and other important documents on the mobile phone. Your user can access this feature 24/7 and 365 days.
    Rapid bookings
    Rapid Booking solves the problem of both traveler and tourism business owners by providing solutions for booking travel packages, hotel rooms, airlines, rented cars, and other products.
    Exciting offers reduce operational and distribution costs
    With exciting deals, businesses constantly work on reducing operational costs to increase profit. Besides offering exciting deals, a leading travel app also helps reduce operational and distribution costs.
    Collaboration with almost every service provider, like railway, airways, sea, etc., helps you succeed in your industry.
    Research-based marketing and promotion
    We build and integrate analytics to ease error-free marketing campaigns that a travel app covers for future marketing and promotion strategy.

    Why Choose VA Technolabs for Travel Application Development?

    We design, develop and deliver. We have a skilled and experienced team with a proven track record of developing specific travel applications for several clients. We are injected with the advanced needs and upcoming future of the travel and tourism industry that helps us develop the best travel application for our clients. 

    We value your idea and customize it with our tech-savvy attitude that offers highly competitive and time-bound business solutions to increase your profit.

    Proven work strategy with precise planning and in-depth research
    Assurance for security and confidentiality of customer’s data
    Innovative vision to comprehend the recent needs of the travel industry
    Proficiency with most recent development technology
    Intellectual and Work Enthusiastic Professionals
    Know-how to deliver award-winning mobility solutions

    FAQs on Travel App Development

    What kind of travel and tourism apps do you build?
    We build all types of travel and tourism apps like flight booking apps, accommodation booking apps, airline apps, transport apps, travel guides apps, navigation, ERP, CRM, virtual tour, and many more.
    How much does it Cost to build a Travel App?
    A travel app development solution costs based on the required features and time frame you want. The cost depends on your selection, whether you want a free or paid theme, the platform you want, whether it should be iOS or Android or cross-platform, and the number and extent of features you want in your app. You can go with a dedicated team, hourly module, or on a fixed random price. Overall the average cost of getting a mobile travel application developed by a professional development company will range from $2,000 to $50,000, depending on the requirement.
    How to hire affordable dedicated tours and travel mobile app development teams?
    Suppose you want to have your tours and travel app within your budget with rich features. In that case, you should go nowhere but VA Technolabs, which has 11+ years of experience in the IT industry carrying 7+ years of developing and delivering tours and travel apps to our clients within the time frame on their demand with complete pre and post-developed consultancy.
    How to analyze what the best travel and tourism app development company is?
    You need to test their experience in particular domain and technical skills by interviewing travel and tourism app development company developers. We have catered to 100+ travel apps and delivered dreams consistently for 11+ years.
    Do you provide travel and tourism app development solutions to startups?
    As the USA's best mobile app development company, we provide travel and tourism app development solutions to startups and SMEs. We have helped tons of startups and have helped them in achieving their dream and understanding their ideas, concept, and specific requirements.

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