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24 Trending On-Demand Mobile App Development Solutions To Start Your Business

On-Demand Mobile App Development Solutions
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24 Trending On-Demand Mobile App Development Solutions To Start Your Business

Today, when everyone relies on mobile applications for everyday needs, savvy people never miss a chance to earn profit. To increase their business, they opt for building applications that demonstrate their work and bring valuable customers. 

Mobile and web development is an aspiring field. Still, mobile app and website development companies are ubiquitous, making it challenging for the user to choose the right one. 

Since big brands like Uber, Instagram, PayPal, Google Maps, and many others have taken over the digital market, thus, people wish to start their business with similar apps for which they prefer a company that can understand their needs and provides a solution within their budget. Also, they desire to launch their venture meteorically to say ahead of the competition. 

So, mobile development companies have played it smart by providing a ready-made solution to users. They build clone modules of the apps that are in demand. For example – because of the IPL season, applications have been demanded where people could play cricket and win money. 

Thus, people want similar apps like DREAM11, for which mobile application and web development company has built clone modules of DREAM11, through which a similar app can get ready in 3-4 weeks.

We have identified and listed the most promising apps in diverse sectors that have achieved the highest growth.

  1. On-Demand Taxi App Like Uber

Taxis are one of the most reliable sources of commuting from place to place. Hundreds and thousands of people use Uber every day. The reason behind Uber being the user’s choice is due to its flexible rates. It also offers many features like maps and locations, in-app payments, dispatch, tracking panels, etc. With time, these taxi app development companies have built more features to delight their customers and keep them loyal.

So, suppose you are willing to build a similar app to Uber. In that case, it is necessary to keep the most common and must-have features like the built-in option to collect fees from the drivers, smart analytic system, profiles, push notification, navigation, trip history, vehicle selection, fare calculator, and reports.

2. On-Demand Food Delivery App Like Seamless

smooth and continuous, Seamless is a food delivery app that is spread across 900+ cities in US and London. Their tie-up is with one of the best and leading restaurants and cafes. Online food delivery apps are meant to deliver orders on scheduled time, making them the user’s choice in food-delivery apps.

Suppose you are among the people willing to reach great restaurants and cafes and help them serve maximum through this online mode. In that case, you must integrate these features like an online order system, payment gateway, real-time GPS tracking, profile, notification for order placement, and minimum delivery time based on location to handle myriad orders and deliver them on time. 

3. On-Demand Restaurant/Cafe App Like Open table

Restaurant and cafe businesses have gained recognition as people have stepped out of their traditional kitchens and shown much interest in global cuisine. Thus, the food industry collaborated with technology to outreach the maximum in pocket-sized mobile devices. OpenTable is one such restaurant mobile app that puts the world’s largest dining network. OpenTable has helped many first-timer restaurants gain customers.

You can also build a similar app to OpenTable and let diners book their favorite seat in their choice of restaurant. But, to deliver a full-service solution, you need guest management tools and a powerful marketing engine to help customers know more about the first-timers or delight the regular diners. Features required to cater to restaurants’ real needs are – reservation & wish list management, Fast table management, customizable guest management, POS integration, and GPS.

4. On-Demand E-commerce App Like Amazon

With the rise in online shopping, E-commerce websites have moved into pocket-size shapes too. E-commerce applications have become a powerful tool for online retailers to outreach users to give them a more streamlined experience with an intuitive interface and eye-catching offers. Good user experience is a prominent feature to acknowledge to retain customers. According to Google data, the average user has 35 installed apps on his mobile phone. Additionally, 58% of the users declared that they use their smartphones for shopping-related activities, of which 66% have been doing it weekly.

So, suppose you are planning to launch an E-commerce app that is not an option anymore for business. In that case, features like – an easy registration process, push notifications, support multiple payments option, custom branding, social media integration, google analytics, and easy or fast checkout should be integrated.

5. On-Demand Gaming App Like PUBG

Online games have always been an addictive development, no matter what age you are. From the famous Mario game to PUBG, the gaming industry has promoted online games’ dimensions from 2D to 3D-4D. They have surfaced on mobile screens, too, after the website screen gave game lovers the convenience of playing anywhere. 

According to the sources and studies, China has ranked number one and the world’s largest gaming market, which generates revenue of 32.54 billion dollars. When considering top-rated online games, PUBG is the first game that comes to mind. The reason behind its popularity is its realistic graphics and effects.

So, some of the necessary features must be kept in mind to build a similar mobile app for games, like graphics performance, Social Media Integration, Multiplayer functionality, In-app purchase, Diverse modes (Offline/Online, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced), Sharing, progress map, rewards, tutorials, etc.

6. On-Demand Wallet App Like PayPal

Earlier, people would do the transaction through a single mode: cash. In today’s scenario, transaction methods have advanced, and e-wallet app is thriving steadily with their benefits to users globally. Thanks to these e-wallets, unlimited features like seamless shopping, paying bills, money transfers, and many more have become a minute of work. Mobile payment apps are bending the world towards it and forcing everyone to become a cashless society.

The features in PayPal that could ensure the success of an e-wallet app should have user-friendly features integrated app solution that takes care of the comfort and convenience of the user. Thus, these features must be kept in mind when building an e-wallet app like Debit/ Credit card & bank account addition, money transfer from wallets to the bank account, including major gateways, utility bill payment, POS integration, tracking tools and calculators, data management, and cloud integration.

7. On-Demand Healthcare App Like Medscape

Over the past decade, there has been continuous growth in the healthcare industry. Technology has breached the health sector, offering value and immediate relief to the end users. Mobility solutions in healthcare are transforming the way hospitals function. Healthcare IT solutions in the form of Mobile apps are turning cost-effective and offer convenient technology-oriented solutions to hospitals for better patient care as well as management of the staff.

When you have an idea, you must concentrate on concrete features like record accessibility, assigning duties, managing operations and workflow, using GPS trackers to locate physicians, hospitals, electronic records, streamlining communication systems, and health data analytics.

8. On-Demand Banking App Like BB&T

Driven by the evolution of technology and growing customer demands, banks are now available in your footsteps. Where to have access to the bank, a user had to make a trip, but mobile banking applications have provided convenience and placed accounts at your fingertips 24/7. With more mobile users, banks have modern software and the web to manage highly sensitive data between customers, investors, and employees. 

There’s an even greater opportunity for startups & forward-thinking banks to enter & disrupt the mobile banking scene with the following features like simple yet secure sign-in, bank account management, intelligent chatbot, ATM locator, QR code payment, tracking spending habits, cashback service, special offers, non-traditional services.

9. On-Demand Education/Learning App Like Duolingo

 We all know that education is the key to civilized living. Through time the conventional learning methodologies of chalk and board are switched to touch and screen. E-learning apps are helping students to learn in a more fun and easy way. Subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics and their concepts and more precisely explained with practical examples. Moreover, children are getting the opportunity to learn from diverse countries. 

Thus, giving students an app with optimum features like interactive content, easy login & navigation, a powerful database, live tutorial, mock test & practical, offline mode, gamification, social media integration, multilingual, and special offers would help in better learning.

10. On-Demand Finance/Taxation App Like Mint

Budget apps are helping people in managing their finances a lot easier. These apps have made home computer software portable and convenient. Finance and taxation apps are one of the fastest-growing apps, where finance mobile apps sync your bank account, credit cards, and monthly bills when the budget is set, whereas taxation apps allow you to file your taxes from anywhere. Taxation companies have simplified the methods of taxation and streamlined their use.

Certain features must be considered when building a finance or taxation app, like an option to import your information, auto-calculator, major IRS forms and schedules, context-sensitive help, comprehensive navigational outline, two-factor authentication, deduction & credits section, navigation tools, and support options.

11. On-Demand Dating App Like Tinder

Earlier dating websites used email addresses for the users to engage with one another, so there was no way to get the other person’s identity. Dating app development companies are building apps like Tinder and Bumble helps people find someone special because they undergo real-time video scanning to verify someone’s identity. 

If you are willing to develop a similar app to other dating apps, you must integrate these features. It gives you the basic info about the match, the number of matching options, geolocation matching, algorithm-based matching, subscriptions, extended features, and undo swipe option.

12. On-Demand Travel/Accommodation App Like Airbnb

 Any place you want to visit, stay in the desired hotel, or taste any food is just a tap away. People can plan their trips easily with these traveling apps. With more reliance on these travel apps, travel agents are losing their importance. Travel technology helps millions of people every day to easily book flights, book a room, or rent a bike as per their convenience and budget. 

Watching famous travel apps like Airbnb, and TripAdvisor, many people have come up with building similar apps, but there are noteworthy features to develop travel apps like travel planning, travel journal, navigation & geolocation, booking services, transport facility, translations, weather, local emergency services and insurances, trip reviews by travelers.

13. On-Demand Media App Like Netflix

Being a relatively new trend, real-time video streaming apps give the business an outstanding opportunity across various domains. Video content & streaming are considered one of the most powerful tools to define your product, and live video streaming has created a huge market. The first thing when sitting ideal comes to mind is to connect with these streaming apps that deliver all genre video. 

Thus, no more waiting or getting pissed off due to missing your favorite TV show, which you can watch anywhere and whenever. So, to build a live or video streaming app similar to Netflix, or Amazon Prime, there are some necessary features that you would require, like user registration & login, user profile, live video streaming, in-app video storage, subscription & push notifications, real-time group chat or live comments.

14. On-Demand Real Estate App Like Zillow 

What to remember when building a real estate app is the trends in real estate. Considering what your potential clients would search for to find the perfect home easily, a real estate app would help them with the necessary information, budget, and location saving a lot of time. Mobile apps can give your brand potential visibility. Instead of visiting each property physically, one can check property online through a real estate app, and when one finds the right one can visit it. 

Features that need to integrate when developing a real-estate app like logging in/ create a user profile, listing options, booking, property examination, pop-up messages, history, saving favorites, GPS & Maps, Coordinate end-to-end property exchange, CRM arrangement, augmented and virtual reality.

15. On-Demand Social Media App Like Instagram

Social media apps have become an integral part of the internet. When we pick up our phones, we use multiple social media apps. These social media apps can potentially hook customers, but not every app can cultivate the kind of engagement that Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp could. A strategically and intellectually developed social media app offers impressive outcomes for a fruitful revolution in your business and gives you an edge over the competition. 

Thus, to begin, you must know the basics of an app to make it a success. Social media development companies keep user choice in mind to build social media apps similar to popular ones. Thus you must also keep these features in mind, like social media connection, choosing the popular platform, customizing user profile, notification & news feed, security, support & updates, expanding user following, push notifications & outbound sharing.

16. On-Demand Book & Reference App Like Kindle

Reading books is another best thing one could think of during leisure time. Book lovers would require space to keep the bundle of books. Those with enough space can have a collection of books. For those with limited space, e-books are the best solution for them. With the help of book & reference apps, you can have a book of any genre without storing these books.

These e-books consist of an entire library, which means you can find millions of books in these apps that adjust font, size, typeface, and size. Additional features could be built-in Wikipedia search, translation, line spacing, text block size, text justification, and page & text color.

To build a similar app, you must incorporate basic features: Annotate and view notes, export notes with third-party apps, bookmark options, zoom in and out, navigator, and print option.

17. On-Demand Art and design App Like Sketchbook

Paperwork and design have been powerfully presented for writing, drawing, note-taking, and beyond. Art and design apps have moved from the older form of drawing & painting methods into a whole concept. Although physical drawing and painting methods are intact, with the evolution of digital illustration, new ways have been adopted rapidly. New drawing painting apps allow you to ideate designs and develop them into a beautiful concepts.

With apps like a sketchbook, you can capture your ideas anywhere and on any device, so if you wish to deliver a similar app, then you must incorporate certain features like – a color library, unlimited brushes, import/export layered PSD, stroke predictor, four symmetry dimensions, rules and guides, custom perspective guide, gesture-based navigation, and many more.

18. On-Demand Lifestyle App Like Snapguide

Digitization has evolved into new ways to make our lives easier, more effective, and more convenient. Many applications have been created for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle while sitting at home. Applications like NOOM are helping people lose weight without dieting. Keep is a training program to exercise daily without going to the gym. Similarly, Snapguide lets you explore anything you wish to learn and do yourself. 

Thus, if you plan to initiate with a similar lifestyle app, you must incorporate features like Attractive User Interface, Hassle-free registration, Smooth Navigation, Push Notifications, Multiple Payment Options, Product Reviews, and Analytics.

19. On-Demand Maps and Navigation App Like Google Maps

 Maps and Navigation apps have been the central feature of smart devices to promote discovery or better user experience. With Google maps, traveling and finding places have been easy. No more asking strangers to find the location or getting confused with the streets when you have digital maps to assist you.  

Even a brand like Uber relies on Google maps to pick the customer from a given location to correctly drop them at the given destination. 

So to help build a Navigational map, you should keep these features in mind mass coverage, the point of interest, and versatility.

20. On-Demand News & Magazine App Like Flipboard 

When recalling childhood days, every morning, the family used to wait for the newspaper, which was the only mode to gain information about the world, but today, Flipboard provides all news in one place. Lately, televisions have gained popularity for entertainment as well as news. With time and development, entertaining shows and news are delivered from small screens too. Although newspapers and magazines haven’t stopped visiting houses, news on Mobile is becoming popular. 

News app development companies consider these necessary features like logging in or registering, choosing the favorite, offline service, audio & video Integration, push notification, filter option, social media channels, search, & constant updates.

21. On-Demand Photography App Like Adobe Lightroom 

Millions of people have taken up photography as a creative hobby. In the old days’ photography was limited to professionals who could capture pictures at the right angle and knew perfect timing. Today, mobile companies are building high-quality and pixels dual, tri-camera mobile phones allowing everyone to be a photographer. Turned into a profession, photography, with advanced tools like Lightroom CC, one can transform a simple-looking image exquisite one.

Suppose you are willing to help the rising artists. In that case, you can build a great mobile app for photographers for which you would need features like adjusting the color, sharpness, brightness, clarity, and shadows, adding vignettes, editing raw files, editing tools, syncing photos with devices, targeted adjustment tool, histogram clipping indicators, HDR, Panorama, & HDR panorama merger.

22. On-Demand Weather App Like The Weather Channel

Earlier weather was limited to the day and night temperature, sunrise and sunset of each city through the newspaper. Later, the weather was mentioned in the developed cities along with the daily news. Modern technologies have reshaped weather forecasting with the help of hundreds of scientists, computers, satellites, radar, & weather stations. With day and night temperatures, weather apps predict the first snow, avalanche, or storm occurrence alerts. With the potential weather channels, stakeholders like online media publishers, travel agencies, and local authorities (especially in regions with high weather-related risks) have benefitted. 

Underlying are the features that must be integrated when building a similar weather app – current weather forecast, push notifications, hyper-local forecast, weather visualization with stunning maps, alarm for specific weather conditions, UV & Air pollution indexing, historical data, demonstrate pressure, temperature, wind, cloud & global map differences.

23. On-Demand Productivity App Like Trello

Productivity apps and software are generally built to enhance productivity and increase output. These apps differ per the user’s needs; for instance, people use sticky notes to keep track of their targets to help them remember things while working on a desktop. Also one such great example is TRELLO, considered one of the best project management applications. With TRELLO, you can easily collaborate and organize all team members, their projects, progress, and other information. 

To have a similar app for a seamless flow of work and management of the team, you will have to deliver smart features like drag & drop functionality, in-line editing, activity log, voting feature, deadline reminders, email notification, assign tasks, SSL encryption of data, Information retrieval & back-up, an easy organization with tags, labels & categories, checklists with a progress meter, and developer API.

24. On-Demand Tools App Like Wisestamp

Today, every second person wishes to have their own business; thus, creating your own business identity is quite difficult. Getting a signature of your business makes it a brand and a brand is the easiest and most professional way to let people remember and learn about you. It also helps you to connect with the users through social media. Wisestamp is one such tool to capture the users’ attention by creating signature banners to link to your upcoming sales, events, and special offers creatively and in a fun way through emails. 

Thus, to have an app with similar features, you should have features that automatically share your latest tweet or Facebook post, add a premade disclaimer to protect your email, support every platform across diverse devices, a collection of professional email templates, promote your Youtube videos, channels, Instagram pictures, customize email signature in one easy click, and many more. 

Since the list is long in diverse sectors, we have covered quite a number. Many brands and startups depend on apps due to fast and mobile users. So, to attract the maximum number of users, your app should have features that would make your product and services unique.

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